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Return Policy
When a subscription is cancelled, the refunded amount will reflect the remaining period of the subscription. The refunded amount will be equal to the total amount minus the amount corresponding to the period already passed from the date of payment.

In the case where you have purchased software that needs to be installed at your premises, you are entitled a refund of your payment, only if you have not already downloaded the software, or the software has not yet been installed at your premises by a member of our staff.

- We will reimburse you within 30 working days after the date when we received a formal email from you requesting cancellation.
1. PAYMENTS VIA CREDIT CARD: the refund will be credited to the same Credit Card that was originally used to make the purchase. The time lapse required for this credit to appear will depend on the Credit Institute.
2. PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL: the refund will be visible in your Paypal account within 48 hours after receipt of the e-mail confirming the reimbursement.