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Stock Interchange & Leasing
WARP® Stock Interchange primarily facilitates container leasing management, but it can be used by any organisation that rents out any type of items. It is a complete and integrated solution by which you can create and maintain bookings for renting out stock. Rented stock may be owned by the organisation or it may be supplied by third party suppliers. Bookings have the ability to hold detailed information about suppliers, users/ customers, leasing terms and fees.

It can be locally installed at your office or accessed globally on our Cloud.
Non exhaustive list of features:
  • Show top suppliers and users/ customers
  • Detailed bookings, (Supplier details, terms, customer details, terms)
  • Define charges per day and free days
  • Assign items/ containers to bookings
  • Track items by unique codes and protect from duplicate item booking
  • Track items pending to be picked up/ dropped off
  • Define multiple item pick up/ drop off locations
  • Detailed booking lists
Invoice Issue
  • Issue periodic invoices to customers for all their open bookings
  • Issue periodic charges from suppliers for all open bookings
  • Accept payments/ pay off invoices
Interface with other WARP sub-systems
  • Transfer Invoices to WARP Accounting
  • Transfer Receipts to WARP Accounting
  • Communicate with WARP Stock to purchase containers/ items